Oct 4, 2011
The Keepers of the Shipping Lanes-A tale of a space industrial city


Tuesday October 4th 2011

Keepers of the Shipping Lanes: A Tale of a Space Industrial City

Hovering on the outer rim of the solar system is a little world tucked away. At arms reach it is as surreal as it is real and there are many visitors but most cannot see the busy traffic of the cities because they are shielded by several large moons. It is here, along this stretch, where there are the busy traffic lanes of commercial industrial ports. All along these ports are taverns and night clubs that glitter in the alien atmosphere...It is here where we first meet..The Glass Projeckt.

The Glass Projeckt...a network of multi-instrumentalists,
are one of the new space industrial bands to crop up and members of a secret underground organization. On a far end, in this general area, is a slow moving cruiser. A large window opens up to allow one to view the celestial beauty just beyond a 12 inch expanse of tempered glass to keep everything regulated inside. It is here where a quiet boy awakes from cryogenia. He has come a long way and seems to have been transported from somewhere. Soft music is playing in the background and he feels calm and peaceful...

There had never been a space station quite like this one. It teemed with nothing elegant. Over the years the neighboring cities would dump their trash along one of the commercial traffic lanes. It would make its way to Nanok 2. Ships had to be redesigned because of the thickening atmosphere. Large ships were reduced to smaller one manned barges. It was not uncommon for the dwellers within the city to be atop their own ships with long poles slowly reaching and pulling through the mire. One, if not careful, would think they were in the swamps of Louisiana. But, this was the modern age, and people lived with it.

The dweller's ancestors over time developed a keen sense of sight. As their eyes grew accustomed to the space smog, they began to glow a brilliant white. People visiting Nanok 2 would become uneasy as they would see the eyes boring into them from across the way. They became so disassociated from the other societies that they began to be known as a sort of "lone guardian of the mire." It was not uncommon to see the long hunched over forms patrolling the area. These were a peaceful, but misunderstood people.

You could say that the "white-eyes" where some of the first space inhabitors. They began the first evolutions from a pure Earth life and adapted to a long set of transitions that happened around 2015.

Glass Lozano, one of the transportees and a musician from Earth, had been disillusioned as a young man and began to think of other ways of approaching earthly musical forms. After being transported, he grew up in Nanok 2 to become a tall lanky individual and found immediately a kinship with the "white eyes." As they formed a bond of friendship, the guardians would let him set up his electronic gadgetry and would leave him to his creative ways tucked back in a cove of ghostly trees and fog.

The intelligent men of their day were able to harness near-Earth atmospheric conditions, which allowed flora and fauna to grow in its own strange wild ways. Glass would always admire how something glowed in this alien atmosphere and would write sometimes what he saw. This cove overlooked a deep fold of grass before dropping off into deep space. Several signs pointed at the danger.

Glass' eyes were changing to, but he usually kept his eyes covered with a bandana, he was afraid that people would see him in his state and tell him to leave the city. Out alone in the patch of regulated wilderness, he felt comfortable with himself and took down his eye covering. This would also help him see in the dim light as he set up a computer work station and linked them together with some of his keyboards. Occasionally slow moving cruisers would come by and he could see a few people standing looking out of one of the large windows of the ship. They were always a silhouette. He remembered when he to came from Earth on one of those cruisers. Looking in one of his bags, that he had brought with him, he found the much needed wiring to finish the network and powered on the modules. There was a dull hum as a few LCD lights blinked on and a programmed hologram mixer suddenly appeared in front of him. It was not needed as he powered it down. "Why do these things always default to hologram?"

Greetings and welcome to the continuation of the Shipping Lanes!

A few modifications will be made to the main plot line as time has elapsed and change has taken its coarse. To some Glass Lozano is a real individual that plays in bands, but to others, and to other planets, he is known only to the "white eyes." What is true, of this individual, is that he is based on a science fiction character taken from "The Blacklight Chronicles" The science fiction chronicles are written by Dimitri Spanoa a 900 year old moth that pens these tales.

For more writings by Dimitri visit his virtual castle where he sits with a quill that never needs ink at a slanted table.

Glass, within these stories, has had an ongoing space industrial projeckt since 2005 where it remains a steady outlet for his creativity. Occasionally, he asks the advice of the "keepers of the mire." They will blink sometimes or nod in approval of some of the compositions.

The symbiotic arrangement with the "white eyes" about permission to work in the cove, has brought some relief to his workload. Some of the plants in the cove have been modified for electrical output.

This ongoing creativity can be found here.

His permanent data port can be found here.



05/04/2010 last entry. This story was originally posted May 26th 2006 at 1:51am and has seen some revisions in the past few years.


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